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History of Llandybie Twinning Association

The Twinning Association first came to life in 1991-92 with a public meeting in the village when a steering committee was elected to oversee the formation of the organisation. This committee visited Brittany and it was decided to twin with the small town of Plonéour-Lanvern which is situated 6 miles south west of the city of Quimper.

 The first visit took place the weekend of 25th September, 1992 with Plonéour-Lanvern visiting Llandybie, arriving in the village with two buses full of visitors. On the 26th September 1992 there was an official twinning ceremony when the charter was signed. This weekend was the start of a great friendship that has built up between the two communities. The following year Llandybie reciprocated taking two buses of villagers to Brittany during the Easter Bank Holiday, arriving 9th April 1993. On 10th April 1993, another official twinning ceremony was held, during which a reciprocal charter was signed.

This process of alternate visits has taken place each year from the first exchange without a break.

 Over the years the numbers of participants per trip has decreased but there is a strong core of stalwarts in both communities that have been taking part from the beginning and there are always each year new members joining. Both the men’s and ladies choirs from the village have visited Plonéour-Lanvern on cultural exchanges and performed in recitals in the area which have been a great success. Various youth exchanges have also been arranged with youngsters from Plonéour-Lanvern coming over to Llandybie to stay with local families and have had programmes of events organised for them by the Twinning Association and our youngsters have on numerous occasions visited Plonéour-Lanvern. A rugby team from the area also joined one of the early visits and played against Llandybie Rugby Club.

 During the years we have visited the areas of natural beauty, the various tourist attractions and experienced the cultural attractions of the Breton area. We have attempted to reciprocate the welcome when the Bretons have arrived in Llandybie. It is not surprising that we get on so well together as the similarities between both cultures is extremely close. We share a great many attributes, the Celtic language derived from the same source, similar song and dance, a joint history and we as people seem to have the same character.

 Over the years we have organised various social and fund raising activities, quiz nights, wine tasting, limerick evenings, twmpath and barbecues for the benefit of the association and the enjoyment of the members, their friends and the local community. With the help of local businesses and Glynhir Golf Club in 2004 a golf competition was organised and the day proved to be a great success and the monies raised was donated to two local charities, K.R.U.F. a local kidney charity and Carmarthen Children’s Diabetes Fund each receiving £400.00.The association has continued through out the years to support local charities in their efforts to fund raise.

Our current constitution can be found here.

Last Updated - Wednesday, 19 April 2017